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Easy way to contact FDA and your legislators about pending vaping / ecig regulations!

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FreeToVape is an awesome advocacy site that we recently came across that makes the process of communicating with your legislators and the FDA very easy. As you may know, the FDA has released proposed guidelines that would definitively effect the vaping industry and potentially infringe on your right to vape. This website takes you step by step through the process of submitting your comment and has a form that you can fill out as well. Check it out!

From their website: 

FreeToVape.org will send your entry to the FDA, your Congressional Representative, and your two Congressional Senators. For the FDA, we will be printing out your entry onto paper and hand delivering them directly to their offices. For your Congressman/Senators/the Committee Members - we will directly fax your entry to them in real time. Here is your opportunity to take action!